Andrew Gao's research efforts

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Bovine Leukemia Virus

As an intern at the UCSD Supercomputer Center, I researched bovine leukemia virus and how it may lead to breast cancer in humans.


Check out my paper on how a common cow disease might lead to breast cancer in humans!

Lung Cancer Detection

I conducted experiments on DNA methylation signatures of plasma samples from lung cancer patients. The application would be for a non-invasive diagnostic test.

I also performed bioinformatics analyses on microRNA expression profiles in lung cancer serum samples.

Blood-based Diagnostic Biomarkers for Parkinson's

I identified several promising biomarkers for detecting Parkinson's disease from blood samples. I received a total of $28,000 in scholarships for my work.

Bioinformatics Visualization Tool

As a paid intern at the Scripps Institute of La Jolla, I developed a tool in Python to visualize interactions between biological entities like diseases and genes.

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